Easy Green Veggie Pasta

This is just a test recipe. It really is a real recipe and it's what my wife and I eat a lot, but I've just put it up here to test the plug-in. Oh, and the picture is not the correct picture. Feel free to try it though. It's delicious.

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Test Post

This is another test. This is unlike the test on the actual blog page. The test on the blog page is completely different than this one.

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25 Days of Christmas Cookies

No Christmas is complete without cookies. Whether you’re hosting a party or you want to have a sweet treat for friends and family who drop by. Here are some delicious cookie recipes that no Christmas should be without.   Chocolate Reindeer Cookies Get the kiddos involved in making these delicious and fun reindeer cookies. These

Men’s Skincare Tips For Cold Weather

The winter is upon us and this time of year not only brings the best holidays, it also brings dry skin, cracked lips and and your cheeks are lit up like Rudolph’s nose. What fun! We all dread winter skin. The good news is that for most guys it can be avoided. You just need

5 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks

Cranberry Fizz Mocktail We all know the holidays can be a crazy time. That’s why you’ll love this crazy simple mocktail. It’s perfect for the holidays and absolutely refreshing. All that’s needed is cranapple juice, ginger ale, sugar, cinnamon and a lemon or lime. Get the recipe at Thistlewood Farms     Cherry Bombs When